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Cat Ridgeway and Friends Impress on Nice to Meet You

Soulful and talented Orlando-based chanteuse Cat Ridgeway makes a memorable mark with a fresh batch of offerings ranging from pop-, soul-, and country rock-inflected ditties to more ambient r&b-infused fare on Nice to Meet You.

Channeling Jerry Marks 25th Anniversary of Garcia’s Passing with Artist Interviews.

It’s a look at where the music of the Dead stands today as expressed through the words and experiences of twenty musicians who continue to preserve Garcia’s legacy.

The Sons of the Soul Revivers and Alex Jordan get Rootsy on new Releases

The Sons of the Soul Revivers and Alex Jordan drop pleasing new releases.

Untethered in the Sixties and Beyond: “Girl Freiberg” Shares The Story of her Life

Ride along as Girl brushes elbows with David Crosby, Joan Baez, Michael Bloomfield, members of the Grateful Dead and marries musician David Freiberg of the Quicksilver Messenger Service, Jefferson Airplane and Jefferson Starship.

Max Creek: 45 & Live!

Originating in New England in 1971, Max Creek holds old-school jamband cred as being one of the original purveyors of the genre.

Steven Graves Dials It In on How Long

How Long is an unassuming gem that reveals a sincere and talented musician and songwriter finding a sweet spot with a killer band.  

Stephen Inglis Cuts the Dead Some Slack

Stephen Inglis manages to find open space in the sometimes crowded field of Grateful Dead tributes. On Cut the Dead Some Slack, the Honolulu-based troubadour (with vocal harmony assistance from radio host and musician David Gans) offers a pleasing array of acoustic-based Grateful Dead covers.

John Kadlecik Band at Skipper’s Smokehouse: 3.10.18

The audience danced, sang and grooved to the consistently inspired sound of the tight four-piece, which included Jay Lane on drums and Wavy Dave Burlingame on bass. It was a magical evening that demonstrated the power of live music performed by a talented band in a relaxed setting.

MiZ – A Year Ago Today; Boris Garcia – Around Some Corner

New releases by MiZ and Boris Garcia keep the dream alive . . .