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When and how did the Workshy get its start, and how did you arrive at the name for the band?

The band was originally created by Danny, Jiho, and myself in Ames, Iowa, while we were all going to school at Iowa State University. After graduating, we decided to move to Denver and through playing at various open jams here we eventually met Ben, Josh and Armando and started gigging a bunch.  -Brant Williams (guitar and vocals).

The name came from a high school band I was in. We decided that it fit our style and decided to run with it!  -Jiho Han (bass).

What is the title of your new CD (your second release) and could you share a little about how and where it was recorded and everything that went into it?  

Our new album is self-titled. It was recorded at Scanhope Sound in Littleton, CO. We worked with Joshua Fairman as our engineer and ended up having a great experience. We recorded all the songs doing live takes with everyone playing, but we were able to take our time afterwards to go back and add additional layers and parts and get creative with the sound of the album. Scanhope has a really comfortable vibe to it and I think that helped everyone relax and we ended up getting some great tracks out of it that we’re all proud of.  -Danny Kratzer (guitar and vocals). 

How has the music of the Workshy changed since your first recorded output?  

We’ve had about five years between the two albums and our sound has changed a lot since then. We have a different lineup now that includes saxophone, which we didn’t have before Armando joined, so our sound has a lot of new dimensions to it. We’ve been trying to incorporate more space in our songs and stronger individual parts, so it feels like we’re developing a strong sound that still uses a ton of different influences. Ben’s added a cool new element with his songwriting and Josh’s style of drumming has put a new spin on some of our older tunes, so all the new members are helping us craft a new sound, it’s been great.  -Danny

I see that the band is raising funds to go on tour, what are your plans?

Our plan is to tour around the states as much as possible to promote the new disc and to spread our live music everywhere we can!  -Jiho

Courtesy of Ever Upward Entertainment we have several dates set up for our first national tour. Check out our website for shows ( Our GoFundMe page is basically a way for us to cover some partial costs for the album and the tour. For anyone who wants to help us out they can use the following sites.  -Brant

What are your musical roots (I know some of you like jazz) and can these influences be heard in your music?

I was heavily influenced by Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, along with Marcus Miller, Victor Wooten and Mike Gordon. -Jiho

Jazz played a big part in how I learned music and you can see that on some of the tunes. On “Downey Rides Again” specifically the head is pretty influenced by quartal harmony type stuff and “Home of Light” has some typical jazz chord substitutions on it. We all dig different stuff so the tunes come off sounding fairly eclectic. -Brant

My background is rooted in progressive and classic rock, as well as jazz. My stylistic influences can be heard in abundance in the song “Melvins” and “Astray.”  The Workshy is a beautiful testament to six musicians from very different musical styles coming together to create a sound we haven’t heard before. From funk to prog, as well as jazz, disco and Latin. We’re very excited for what’s to come! -Josh Hoffman (percussion). 

The Workshy is Brant Williams (guitar and vocals), Danny Kratzer (guitar and vocals), Josh Hoffman (percussion), Armando Lopez (saxophone), Jiho Han (bass guitar), and Ben Rafferty (keyboards and vocals).

Author: Hutchmun

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