The Bucket List by The Sound Field

The Sound Field

The Bucket List

With a carefully crafted batch of songs and superlative musicianship, this CD reflects the soulful creative mission of San Francisco Bay Area music critic and talented tunesmith Deborah Grabien. Grabien, a longtime writer for No Depression, who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis,  has long desired to share her own musical creations with listeners in the form of a professional release. The Bucket List provides her that opportunity. The lovingly produced 11-track disc includes songs with themes that range from sexual fantasy to illness, loss of loved ones and artistic inspiration. Featuring her own band,  comprising her husband Nic Grabien on bass and Larry Luthi on drums, the project also brings in a lineup of ringers, including Mark Karan, David Lindley, Pete Sears, Jason Crosby and Mookie Seigel. Grabien and company find high ground on “Deep Red Joy,” “Little Umbrellas,” “Fable of the Wings” and other tracks.




Author: Hutchmun

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