Channeling Jerry Marks 25th Anniversary of Garcia’s Passing with Artist Interviews.

“ Instead of just being fans of the band, Deadheads have become fans of the Dead’s music… and who you like to hear playing it seems to be a matter of personal taste. Their songs are so much a part of Americana that they have become their own genre.”  — Dennis McNally

A quarter-century after his death, the music and spirit of Jerry Garcia live on through the musicians who keep his artistry alive. Channeling Jerry features interviews with twenty of Garcia’s musical offspring, including some who performed with him while he was alive or who later stood in for Captain Trips in the Grateful Dead-related projects following his death, plus a few who have created their own latter-day expressions of his illustrious approach. The book, written and edited by Nick Hutchinson, includes an insightful foreword by Grateful Dead historian and former band publicist, Dennis McNally, as well as a colorful interlude by New Yorker writer Nick Paumgarten. It’s a look at where the music of the Dead stands today as expressed through the words and experiences of twenty artists who continue to preserve Garcia’s legacy.

Channeling Jerry  is a book partly about Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead, but more specifically it highlights the musicians who continue to be influenced by Garcia’s acclaimed artistry.  It takes stock of where the music has gone since his passing in 1995 and where it might lead in the future.

The book features profiles of and in-depth conversations with twenty notable artists who have honored and continue to explore the rich tradition started by Garcia and company. It includes chats with Steve Kimock, Mark Karan, David Gans, Joni Bottari, Andrea Whitt, Katie Skene, John Kadlecik, Garrett Deloian, Halina Janusz, Lisa Malsberger, Vic DeRobertis, Stephen Inglis, Anela Lauren, Jeff Mattson, Joe Craven, Tyler Grant, Joe Marcinek, Marcus Rezak, Adam Perry and Josh Olken.

“Speaking to players who have performed with members of the Grateful Dead and the Jerry Garcia Band, as well as those who have created their own Garcia-inspired efforts, I attempt to shed some light on the ongoing story of the sound as this seemingly unstoppable music continues to thrive and in some cases even reinvent itself.”Nick Hutchinson

Nick Hutchinson is a writer, an editor and a musician who lives in Denver, Colorado. He was born in Kingston, Jamaica, and attended Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio, where he studied English literature. Nick also holds a degree in journalism from the University of Colorado at Boulder.  His work has appeared online at Honest Tune,,, and in newspapers and magazines including The Boulder Daily Camera, the Denver Westword, and Relix. Nick’s first children’s book, Barry’s Wild Ride , was released in May of 2013.

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