The Sons of the Soul Revivers and Alex Jordan get Rootsy on new Releases

Alex Jordan, The Subtle Exhibitionist — Alex Jordan, who honed his skills in Midnight North with Grahame Lesh, drops a gem of a solo release. Filled with old-soul songwriting and virtuoso instrumentation, all of which is rendered exclusively by the talented young multi-instrumentalist himself, Jordan displays a diverse range of moods and grooves on his ten-track debut. He kicks it off with the punchy and insightful “Your Kingdom Comes (With a View)” and moves from country-tinged tunes, “Golden Land” and “I Know I’ll be Ok,” to impressive song craft, “Subtle Exhibition,” and pleasing contemporary pop-flavored fare, ” ‘Til We are Gone.” The music is smooth, fresh and classic all at the same time. Pedal steel chops alert! Appreciators of Americana rock can only hope he continues in this vein.

The Sons of the Soul Revivers, Songs We’ll Always Sing, A Tribute to the Pilgrim Jubilees.

With a spiritual base and a knack for laying down infectious grooves, the Sons have the welcome ability to make you feel good. Their music is rooted in gospel, blues, jazz and soul. The accomplished quartet, which started back in 1970 in South San Francisco, offers pleasing close harmony singing and down-home grit — the likes of which gets its listeners up and moving. A tribute to one of their major influences, The Pilgrim Jubilees, Songs We’ll Always Sing takes us to church and then on to a musical picnic, where healing is on the menu. Check out ditties like “I Got Jesus,” and “All Things are Possible,” to begin your uplift.

“We want to spread a good message to a lost world so the people can feel better,” says vocalist and guitar player Walter Morgan, Jr.

Author: Hutchmun

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